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CoinsHomeNet is a numismatic utility where you can find information about the coins that interest you, upload photos of coins, exchange/buy/sell coins, talk to numismatists around the world, or simply play educational games.
2 Zolota Osmanisches Reich (1299-1923) Silber
2014-10-06  spa1
1/2 Dollar Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika (1776 - )
2014-09-15  dpa1

2014-12-16  anonymous

2014-12-16  anonymous
1 Solidus Byzantinisches Reich (330-1453) Gold Herakleios (575-641) 1 Kopeke Sowjetunion (1922 - 1991) Kupfer-Nickel
Silver Dollars 1794-1935The silver dollar was authorized by Congress April 2, 1792. Weight and fineness were specified at 416 grains and 892.4 fine. The first issues appeared in 1794 and until 1804 all silver dollars had the value stamped on the edge: HUNDRED CENTS, ONE DOLLAR OR UNIT. After a ...
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Николай I   serega

Португалия.Луиш I (1861-1889)   neman
15 Kopeke Sowjetunion (1922 - 1991) Kupfer-Nickel
31 Stück
1 Yen Japanisches Kaiserreich (1868-1947) Silber Meiji the Great (1852 - 1912)
15 Stück
The ruble or rouble is used in Belarus, Russia, Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Transnistria, and was the currency unit of several other countries, notably countries influenced by Russia and the Soviet Union. One ruble is divided into 100 kopecks (Russian: копейка, kopeyka).According to one version ...

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