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8 Real United Provinces of the Río de la Plata (1810 -1831) Silver
2014-09-15  dpa1
50 Stotinka Bulgaria Silver
2014-09-15  dpa1

2015-01-30  anonymous

2015-01-23  anonymous
2 Pfennig West Germany (1949-1990) Bronze 10 Ruble Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic  (1917-1922) Gold
Silver Dollars 1794-1935The silver dollar was authorized by Congress April 2, 1792. Weight and fineness were specified at 416 grains and 892.4 fine. The first issues appeared in 1794 and until 1804 all silver dollars had the value stamped on the edge: HUNDRED CENTS, ONE DOLLAR OR UNIT. After a ...
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1 Thaler Imperial City of Augsburg (1276 - 1803) Silver Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor (1608-1657)
15 instance(s)
2 Kopeck Russian Empire (1720-1917) Copper Alexander I of Russia (1777-1825)
16 instance(s)
In 1907 a collaboration between the dynamic president Theodore Roosevelt and renown American sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens resulted in new designs for both the twenty dollar gold coin and the ten dollar gold coin. The new design on the eagle featured a native American on the obverse, and a st ...

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